Irish Coffee Championships 2016

Irish coffee season is now well & truly upon us and we’re delighted to announce that we’re hosting our very own Irish Coffee making competition as part of the TippleTown drinks festival on Sunday November 20th.

The competition is open to baristas, bartenders and those amateur home skilled Irish Coffee enthusiasts! Registration is open to willing participants from Tuesday November 1st via our contact page. Just submit your name & contact details to secure your place and we’ll be in touch with the full list of rules & competition structure.


Event details:

The competition takes place on Sunday Nov 20th between 15.00 & 18.30 on the main stage in Vice / Wigwam. Theres a registration fee of €15 per competitor and we are limiting the number of entrants to max 12 people. Each competitor will have 5 minutes prep time & 10 minutes to make & present 3 drinks, for 3 judges. The Irish Coffee presented must contain 3 crucial elements

  1. Coffee roasted by an Irish Roaster – it can be from any origin, however it must be roasted in Ireland. The coffee used may be brewed (using any brewing device) or competitors will have the option to use the sponsored espresso coffee (along with grinder & espresso machine – full sponsored coffee details & samples will be distributed to each contestant after registration).
  2. Irish Whiskey – again any Irish Whiskey or combinations of multiple Irish Whiskeys can be used – minimum 25ml per Irish Coffee.
  3. Cream – needs to be used in the construction of the Irish Coffee. It can be dairy or otherwise – minimum 5ml per drink.

How you construct the Irish Coffee & present the drink is up to each competitor – innovative & creative presentation will be awarded more points

Judges will be awarding points based on Taste, Creativity, Presentation, Knowledge & Professionalism – score sheets will be distributed to judges & competitors in advance of the competition.

The competitor with the highest score, will be crowned the Vice Coffee Inc – Irish Coffee Champion 2016, taking home a hefty cash prize, a coffee subscription & numerous bottles of whiskey alongside the respect & admiration from their industry peers!!!

Its FREE ENTRY for spectators and there’ll be boozy Irish Coffees & cocktails available all day to get you in the festive mood!

Check out our social media streams for all updates & news!

Cant wait to see you all on November 20th – the Vice Crewx