2018 marks the inaugural year of the newest festival to hit the streets of Dublin. With over 50 cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels taking part this year, its a wonderful way to experience the city through this gastronomic programme.


The DublinTown Food and Drink Festival is taking place this year from October 15th - October 21st. So many amazing cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels are all taking part by hosting incredible events or creating bespoke dishes, drinks and menus.

We’ll be hosting 2 events during the festival week.

  1. A Panel Discussion about Dublins Coffee Scene

    Thurs October 18th - 8.00am

    Join us for a panel discussion about Dublins booming coffee scene with a panel of industry movers and shakers.

    This panel discussion chaired by Stephen Mullan - a familiar face to Dublins coffee scene - will trace the history and origins of coffee in the city. We'll look at the recent wave of Independent Speciality cafes and the overwhelming success of the international coffee chains in the city. Looking forward - we'll try and identify any opportunities / threats facing Dublin's coffee scene due to rising rents and Brexit!

    We'll also have a cupping of the new portfolio of coffees from Full Circle Roasters after the panel discussion at 9.30am

    On the panel;

    Karl Purdy - Coffee Angel - Managing director / owner

    Col Cambpell - Bewleys Grafton St - Managing director

    Niall Wynn - Proper Order - Owner

    Brian Birdy - Full Circle Coffee Roasters - Head Roaster & Owner 

    Price €5 - tix available https://foodanddrinkfest.ie/events/dublins-coffee-scene-breakfast-panel-discussion/


  2. Tasting Irelands Best Coffees

    Sat Oct 20th - 11.00am

    Join us to cup and taste a selection of the world’s finest coffees that have been roasted by some of Ireland’s best roasters. We’ll have coffees from a number of the most notable roasters in the country including 3FE, Roasted Brown, Cloud Picker, Full Circle, Calendar, Soma, Bailie’s & more. This will be the largest selection of Irish roasted coffees ever tasted together in one room – an event not to be missed for any coffee fan!

    Tix https://foodanddrinkfest.ie/events/vice-coffee-tasting-irelands-best-coffees/

Tom Stafford