Bean Club Voucher - for 2 months

Bean Club Voucher - for 2 months


Join our monthly coffee tasting club and gain exclusive access to our Cupping and Tasting events.

Each month we’ll taste different coffees - roasted by different Irish and Internationally based roasters and / or we’ll focus on a specific theme relating to the speciality coffee industry - producers, origins, processing techniques, roasters and coffee service.

This voucher gains the holder exclusive access to our January and February events - and more importantly - they’ll get to take home a special bag of coffee that they’ll taste at the event.

In the off chance that they can’t make it - they can still swing by and pick up their bag of coffee or alternatively attend another Bean Club event providing we have space!

Scheduled dates for 2019

Jan: Sunday 27th at 11am

Feb: Sunday 17th at 11am

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